Black Dahlia is an experimental musician and vocalist known for her mind bending, insanely danceable and avant-garde live performances. Fusing elements of New Beat, theatrical Synth-Pop, Italo, EBM, Industrial, and everything vintage, she commands the stage with off-the-wall theatrics and a certain bite of fright. Along with multiple international releases, she has performed live supporting artists such as Zanias, Buzz Kull, Enola and Rebel Yell.


Solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Colin Thompson is a veteran in the underground music scene of Sydney. Carving from the depths of a dystopian body horror film, his live performances are both aggressive and engaging, succumbing to an ultimate creation of a darker ego. The 2018 debut album "The New Flesh" takes heavy handed cues from David Cronenberg’s cult classic Videodrome, and is an exploration of body horror within the relationships between humans and technology as well as dreams, nightmares and the structures of the human condition.


Formed in Barcelona during the summer of 2017, Fatamorgana sprang to life from the hearts and minds of Patrycja Proniewska (Belgrado) and Louis Harding. What began as a bedroom project with monophonic synthesizers and 4-track cassette recordings soon blossomed into a functional live unit. Melodic and minimalistic, their dreamy soundscapes are unmistakable.


Born in the decade of synth pop and sharing his birthday with George Frideric Handel, John started making music when Nirvana posters went up on every teenager's wall. It's this curious conflux of influences that partially helps to describe John's music. It's a world where the Germs jam with Jerry Goldsmith, Cabaret Voltaire relocate to Eternia and Josquin des Prez writes a new score for RoboCop. The confrontation of punk, the fleeting poignancy of 80s movie soundtracks, the insistent pulse of Moroder and the spirituality of Medieval and Baroque music all find salvation in John Maus.


“Aus dem Patriarchat macht Gurkensalat!” (Turn the patriachy into cucumber salad!) Karl Kave & Durian are fond of polemic slogans, eventhough by closer listening one could notice their appetite for contractions and slippery terrains. While their first two records exist in the realms of EBM, post-punk and synthpop, the duo is moving towards dance and Chicago house on their new album “Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Night”. Somewhere between Rave and poetry they seem to hit a nerve with audiences young and (c)old: A round dance of dark romanticism, humor, folly and Hochkultur.


After a decade of collaboration, including co-founding their label RAAR, stalwart techno-punks Maelstrom and Louisahhh embark on their first live-hybrid tour. With an energy that could be described as ‘Doof warrior in the Black Lodge’, the show treads a fine line through the tense, uncanny darkness of the songs lyrical content, and feral, ferocious energy fueled by loving truth, all towards a goal of ‘collective effervescence’. Drawing from an ample body of work, the Sustained Resistance Tour demonstrates exactly that: finding joy in the tension, connection and delight in defiant noise.


Helsinki based synth pop duo Modem fabricate dystopias of the past and future, questioning the possibilities of media and human communication. Inspired by minimal electronics, new wave, italo disco and film scores of the late 1970s and early 1980s they produced two exceptional 12” singles released on their own label Modem Age Records. The duo is currently working on their first album to be released in early 2024.


Portland duo Puerta Negra instantly caught our attention with the release of their debut EP 'Costo Humano'. 20 minutes of catchy, syncopated EBM funk meets synth punk bolstered by rowdy chanting in Castilian. Joining us for the very first time in Europe this summer.

T.G.T.B. (SE)

Mysterious Stockholm duo T.G.T.B. draw inspiration from dark sweaty clubs and abandoned industrial buildings. Combining gloomy dance music with bubbly, melodic synth work and a harrowed vocal delivery their 2022 debut LP 'Stockholm soul' has an obscure and timeless quality to it.


Their sound enticing, omnious and freezing cold. Greenlandic/Danish trio Torch draw inspiration from gothic post-punk, melancholic cold wave and rumbling EBM, conjuring both distressing, longing songs and bleak, sweaty bangers. Soon to deploy their eagerly anticipated debut album.


Founded by Leonid Diaghilev in 2020 and recently joined by Achille Bof (bass/synth) and Ancelin Dinam (drums). Tout debord gracefully captures the essence of cold wave while exploring aspects of the 1980's underground.